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Creative Dance is a progressive level program starting at age 3. Additional material is added to the basics for age 4, and age 5 concentrates on pre-ballet and preparation to move on to age level classes in Ballet and Jazz. A good basic foundation for beginning dance.
Jazz 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11/Teen These classes offer an introduction to jazz technique, featuring a strength and stretch warm-up, followed by beginning steps, turns, and progressions.  Students learn more difficult steps as they progress through the age levels.

Advanced Beginner, Beginner/Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced Jazz  These evening classes are for students who have advanced beyond the age level classes, and who may be aiming for a professional career. They feature increased stretch and strength, turns, jumps, and combinations.  Class placement will be determined by the Director.

Turns offers a class focused on turns technique, including placement, centering, and spotting.


Ballet I, II, III, IV and Intermediate/Advanced Ballet  These classes range from beginning ballet technique, both at the barre and in center, to advanced.

offers a barre and center floor class designed to strengthen the feet, preparing the students for pointe work.

Pointe offers more difficult technique work for the more advanced dancer.

Placement in these classes is at the discretion of the ballet faculty.

Tap 1, 2, 3  These classes begin with learning the basic rhythms and steps, adding more complex steps and combinations as they progress through the levels.
Class placement will be determined by the tap faculty. 
Adult Stretch'n'Strength  This class is for those who want to get back in shape, or to maintain their fitness level.  It will feature a mix of toning, strengthening, and stretch movements.

Creative Dance:  theatrical pink tights, pink ballet shoes with elastics, leotard of choice.  Long hair in pony tail or bun.
Ballet I, II, III:  black leotard, theatrical pink tights, pink ballet shoes with elastics.  Hair securely up or in bun.
Ballet IV, Int./Adv.:  pink tights, appropriate leotard, minimal cover-ups.  Hair secured.
Jazz 6-11/Teen:  appropriate leotard or appropriate dancewear (dance shorts are permitted, no gym shorts).  Long hair secured.
Adv. Beg, Beg./Int. Jazz:  appropriate dancewear, leotards, tights, shoes, minimal cover-ups.  Hair secured.
Int./Adv., Adv. Jazz:  appropriate dancewear, no cover-ups after warm-up.  Hair secured.
Tap 1, 2, 3:  leotard, tights, tap shoes with screws securely in tap and no protruding nails, shoes securely fastened.  Hair securely up.

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